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another chapter of Hinamitsu!


so a lot of people wanted us to release a newer chapter. so yeah, we did that now.

but we had a great help this time, Viscoun helped us with this chapter and he will keep helping us, so please visit his site and thank him! link:

and don´t forget to thank AP, he is letting us use his raws!

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and here is Hinamatsuri chapter 16.

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Hi everyone,

we picked up Hinamatsuri. Its all thanks to the translator who lets us use his translation, so I want to thank  Anonymous Preferred very much.

We are in need of translators, typesetters and cleaner, please apply if you are interested!

well here is chapter 1 of Hinamatsuri.





I hope 2012 was for all of you a great year, now we are in 2013 and I hope it will be a great year for us all.

I am still enjoying my vacation, hae like a week left before university starts again.

I have been watching a lot of movies and just enjoying the time with my family. what have you people been up to?

we have got for you a new Ookami chapter but like always plz visit , he is the translator for Ookami, without him we woudn´t be able to bring you Ookami. so visit that site and leave a comment, THX!

and here is Ookami chapter 7.