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another chapter of Hinamitsu!



so a lot of people wanted us to release a newer chapter. so yeah, we did that now.

but we had a great help this time, Viscoun helped us with this chapter and he will keep helping us, so please visit his site and thank him! link:

and don´t forget to thank AP, he is letting us use his raws!

if you guys want faster releases then please think about joining us, we are a small team that also has RL life. we would appreciate your help!

and here is Hinamatsuri chapter 16.

take care



7 thoughts on “another chapter of Hinamitsu!

  1. Thanks but what happened to chapters 2-15?

    • don´t worry, we will do them all.

    • They’re already done.

      Frankly, it would just be a massive waste of everyone’s time unless there aren’t any new chapters left to take care of, which I don’t believe is the case. Especially considering these new works are of equal quality at best, and not really an improvement.

      • thx for the commment.

        it doesn´t seem like you have read the new version. the translation has been improved its cleaner and the typesetting is better. if you don´t count that as improvement then I have no idea what you would count as improvement.

      • Massive wast of everyone’s time? You don’t have to read keydriven’s version, and what they do with their time is theirs to choose. They do this for FREE. Try to appreciate the effort and time they put in for readers who DO actually appreciate the hours and hours spent trying to give them chapters. A large part of manga is the art, and scan groups always try their best to scanlate chapters as neatly, and fast as possible. This group just wants to do a neater job than the previously scanlated ones.

      • thx for the comment!

        I am now a fan of you!

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