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Kimi ja nakya dame nanda Chapter 19!

Well this would be my first release with this group. Sorry guys for being so slow. School School School. I’m pretty sure Hero is also having the same problem as me. T_T

But one thing to be glad of is that Nes has been helping me with this and many other of the chapters for KNDN. Which means faster releases for you guys 😀

Here’s the chapter enjoy!

Chapter 19: Here




Ookami chapter 8

its been awhile…

we are really busy, exams are coming for us so we didn´t have a lot of time to spend on scanlating.

also my PC broke… but I managed to do a chapter of Ookami for you guys. please visit roankun he is the translator for this series, visit his page and leave a comment.

we are still in need for proofreaders, typesetters, cleaners and translators, please apply!

here is chapter 8 of Ookami, enjoy!