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Ookami chapter 8


its been awhile…

we are really busy, exams are coming for us so we didn´t have a lot of time to spend on scanlating.

also my PC broke… but I managed to do a chapter of Ookami for you guys. please visit roankun he is the translator for this series, visit his page and leave a comment.

we are still in need for proofreaders, typesetters, cleaners and translators, please apply!

here is chapter 8 of Ookami, enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Ookami chapter 8

  1. Heyy , thanks for scanlating Wolf Children Chap 8 🙂

  2. I swear, if the forewording at the front of this chapter you put had properly sunk in, I would have pulled all my hair out of my head by now. I just saw the movie on watchanimeon, and if someone doesn’t put this up for sale with english subtitles in amurica, I’m going to get a sign and go protest some goddam place.


    Oh and while I’m here, you’re awesome for translating this, however long it takes. I say this because I recognized a sentence that they didn’t translate in the movie with quite the detail as when I read it in the manga, the sentence about Yuki’s dress. As soon as I heard the sentence spoken aloud in japanese, I knew that the manga translation was much more accurate, and so I appreciate even more the work you do to translate this, for free no less.
    You RULE.

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