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Ookami chapter 9



so I first want to thank zetroshade! (see his comment in Ookami chapter 8 post)

its the first time for me that someone leaves a comment and 1) thanks us for our work + 2) its longer than a sentence and finally the thing I would never thought would be possible 3) tells us that we can take our time with this series because he thinks that we are doing a really good job.

that was really that first time I read a comment like that and I have worked for a lot of groups…

so yes, I think I got my hope in humanity back, thank you zetroshade!

like always please visit roankun, he is the translator for this series, visit his page and leave a comment.

we are still in need of translators, typesetters and cleaner.

so here is chapter 9 of Ookami.

and here is a little present for you guys and girls.




10 thoughts on “Ookami chapter 9

  1. Ah haha. I’m glad you were pleased by my opinion, most of the time people give me a TL;DR, and that just makes me sad. You’re the third person in the last week that’s had their faith in humanity restored by me, and it’s starting to get a little weird.
    Just a Little. It’s kinda cool.

    And I noticed as soon as I posted the comment that I hadn’t phrased it very well to be implicate’ive that I appreciate both of you working on it, and word press doesn’t allow editing, even within seconds of posting. *sigh*

    I did visit his website again after posting it though, but I didn’t leave a comment because I couldn’t find a section or category for Ame to Yuki, and it felt too rude to just randomly drop a comment on a piece of his work I haven’t read. So, I’m happy you went to the trouble of conveying it to him as well.
    And once again, just to be redundant, I’m extensively fond of the personal touch a fan translator brings when working on manga, even more so when there’s means to compare. As a lot of people are trolly about, mistakes can happen, and when something isn’t understood or is overlooked, hilarity ensues. Alot of people see this as a downside. I personally view it as the force of the world that can produce gems…like these:

    I meant what I said about that specific sentence that I got to compare from the movie. It’s a great example. Even aside from what brought me here, to your webpage, the request ‘How many people who read this wish they were a wolf’, which was a lovely personal touch in and of itself, the comparison of the translation in the movie and in the manga is special to me, ‘I do not know how much that one piece saved me’. For me personally, I don’t know japanese, I’ve never studied it at all, but after watching literally hundreds of hundreds of anime, it would be weird if I DIDN’T absorb some of it. Every now and then I catch and have to stop myself thinking in Japanese words, because I detest the weeaboo (or however it’s spelled) segment of our community and don’t want to let myself risk straying even remotely near being associated them until/unless I take up a proper effort to learn the language so I can defend myself. I couldn’t recognize any japanese characters other than red/blood/chi (there I go again, when I first typed that I just slapped down chi because it was what was in my head, I had to go back and add in blood), if my life depended on it, but frequently I’ll inherently understand a spoken sentence I listen to even without the subtitles, even though I wouldn’t be able to translate it. This was the case for this specific line. I knew as soon as it was spoken in the movie, that the subtitles on screen didn’t fully encapsulate what the japanese said into the english sentence, like you guys did it in the manga. It wasn’t a bad or WRONG translation, it just didn’t have that extra touch to convey the full implications of the original sentence. To be perfectly frank, I love that part, and I just feel it takes a bit away from the moment to not have that full implication there.

    Aside from all of that, (and it’s a big ‘all of that’), it’s disgusting how self-absorbed ‘fans’ feel privileged/entitled to the hard work they do not even remotely appreciate, that is done because of a passion for it, and not for profit, certainly not for them, and have the damned nerve to make demands when they’ve often never so much as tried to do for themselves that which they so cavalierly bitch for from someone else, to do for them. What’s more, they rarely even VAGUELY comprehend, that the waiting and anticipation often ADD to the experience, because I’ve personally felt the difference when going back to re-watch old favorite series or re-read old book series, that the missing waiting in between episodes/novels makes.
    Being able to put them back-to-back Does removes the feeling that is oft tortuous, of waiting and thirsting to find out what happens next, but at the same time, it gives space to imagine, to hope, to fear, to wonder, to let curiosity drive you half mad, so that when you finally find out, when the big thing happens, it is all the more momentous for its presence beside all that you made in your head to stand beside it while waiting for it to happen. Sometimes, it can be a let-down, sometimes, it meets your expectations, but sometimes it soars above anything you imagined, and that makes what was already great, greater.

    …That said, I’m going to go cry in a corner, because now I have to torture myself wondering whether the manga will proceed like the movie, will be different, or will be exactly such, but continues further on.

    And so help me, if you guys somehow have privileged information about that, like the manga having already concluded or something, and you spoil it for me, I will personally invent and shift into a different plane of existence, COME THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREENS across the internet, and I will wring your neck. … Fingers. I will wring your fingers, for typing it.

    • I am really liking you!
      I like long comments so for me its ok.
      that link you posted is hilarious, didn´t know about it xD
      the problem I got with japanese anime is that its really slow, like they have 1 picture each second, so I don´t really watch any animes anymore. the movies like ponyo and so on are great.
      I haven´t watched the movie for Ookami because I want to enjoy the manga without any spoilers.
      and yes about the “privileged/entitled” fans. you don´t know what comments I sometimes get and just delete them. I think it was 3 days ago someone was complaining because we are taking a bit longer on another series and started saying we aren´t doing anything and how he wishes a different group would pick it up. after reading that I had one of those moments where I just wanted to drop scanlation, but luckily I didn´t.

      oh and don´t worry, the manga is still ongoing and like I told you I didn´t watch the movie so I have no idea if it will be different or not.

      oh and if you use IRC, I am mostly on channel , using the nickname m3loo (just letting you know if you want to talk more^^).

    • zeroshade, you are right. It is very disgusting how some fans think all of this is a right and they must complain everytime a group takes its time doing the translation. The last time I read a complaining comment, I really got really mad. You see, I will go complain to the goberment or a store or a public service that are not doing their job correctly, however, how can I whine to people who take time off of their busy lifes to do all the work that embodies scanlating/subbing? I believe it it a blessing to have all these kind and manga/anime loving to do all this work. Like you do, I wait and imaging all kind of things that would happend next. ^______^. Eventhough, waiting does make you loose some screws hahahaha. But it is worth it ^____^. I get very excite everytime I see the realease of the day ^_____^. I feel like a child waiting for his/her treat after doing something good ^______^ or like the feeling you get when you see your gifts under the christmas tree hahhahahah ^______^;;;;.

  2. WOOT! Another release! \o/ I also just finished watching the movie and it will make your feels go OW!!! XD

    Heh, don’t worry about naggers and haters hero. 😉

    • thanks for the comment!

      yeah I know, those people that don´t do anything but expect everyone else to work for them and they don´t even get their facts right…

      well, we can´t do anything about those people there will always be a couple of them around.

      BB, I am still resisting watching the movie xD

  3. Hello ^___^, well, I just want to say thank you for taking time off of your life to scanlate this manga. I’m loving this manga more each time I read a new chapter ^______^. How ironic it is when I think back that I got to know of its excistance thanks to a poster a friend of mine (who is living right now in Japan) send to me and it took me like forever to take the time to look it up on the internet. -_____-;;. Anyways, again, thank you so much for all the effort and time you have put on this scanlation ^______^.

    • thanks for the comment!

      the first time I learned about this manga was when I was looking through raws. I got lucky and clicked on it and thought “CUTE”^^


    There’ll always be ungrateful leechers hero, it part of the perils of scanlating. Pfft. Troll them or ignore them, either way, their opinion has the importance of that brown stuff little doggies make…

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