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Hinamatsuri chapter 17



here is a new chapter of Hinamatsuri. it took us a bit longer because of RL. I had exams and my PC broke, so I had the fun of installing all the programs again…

we are still recruiting translators, cleaners, typesetters and proofreaders. please apply!

also please thank AP and vis, and please welcome out new staff member mango25!

here is chapter 17 of Hinamatsuri.



6 thoughts on “Hinamatsuri chapter 17

  1. 45Mb for 1 chapter!?Are you joking?I have whole volumes with 10chapters that have less Mb

  2. Who really cares? If you want to read this chapter, then read it. You could easily just go on a reader like mangafox to read it, its not hard. Think about the scanlaters before you comment, they try hard for all the people who want to read this, even the whiners like you.

  3. It takes a lot of time and effort (and motivation) to scanlate, so go away, whining anon! kidding XD let’s spread some good vibes here ^.^
    I don’t read this manga, but still, thank you so much for the hard work!
    So you’re still recruiting… Can I apply as PRer/TSer/(or maybe both) for specific projects (i.e 360 d.material and KNDN)?

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