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hey guys and girls,

thx to AP and Lvxi we are doing Shino-chan. I will be releasing the first 8 chapters now and the remaining chapters should get released today or tomorrow.

just a quick update, I am really busy atm and it won´t change any time soon, so I need some help with cleaning and typesetting, if someone out there has experience and wants to help then please contact us!

Shino-Chan Chapter 1: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 2: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 3: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 4: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 5: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 6: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 7: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 8: Link




8 thoughts on “Shino-chan

  1. Hero, I can help with SS! Let me know.

  2. Just read the summary on BU and it sounds interesting. Thanks a lot for picking up this manga.

  3. this series is awesome, thanks for the chapters!

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