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Shino-chan 10-11 (End)



it took us a bit longer than planned but with this Shino-chan in completed.

my thanks goes to AP and Lvxi, without them I woudn´t be able to work on this manga.

so here are the final 2 chapters, chapter 10 and chapter 11.




8 thoughts on “Shino-chan 10-11 (End)

  1. So, Takemiya Kikuchi? Or is Kikuchi his last name and someone stole Shino from him?

    Thanks for finishing up, this was mega cute.

    • well we don´t know who she married, we just know that her school days were fun (the picture of the 3 of them indicates it).

      • I’m still rather curious if Kikuchi is a first or last name. Probably a last name, since Kayo refers to him as Kikuchi-kun and he refers to her as Okazaki-san, instead of Kayo-chan… I think Japanese tend to refer to each other by first name together rather than just one doing it (since it implies how close they are)? So, probably, poor guy had Shino stolen from him.

        I’m just amazed Aku no Hana writer managed to produce this, since it’s decidedly more cheerful than the previous work that was all dark and edgy.

      • well if Shino didn´t marry him we could as least be happy that another guy understood her and fell in love with her.

        yeah, I am not a big fan of the author, his mangas are really weird but this one is just really good and kinda normal.

  2. Thank you very much for all your hard work to complete this wonderful series, I’m really happy to read!!

  3. Thank you for doing this manga, I really enjoyed having the privilege to read it. Thank you for your work on it.

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