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Ookami chapter 10



we got Ookami today, but before that visit roankun and leave a comment, he is the translator for this series.

here is Ookami chapter 10.



8 thoughts on “Ookami chapter 10

  1. Sup, just stopping by to say thanks for the translation again. Also, wanted to ask, I stop by roans website every time I come here as well, but where is it that we’re to leave comments at when we visit over there? I think I remember asking this before but I’ve forgotten the answer if I have, I can never find the post for Ookami Kodomo when I’m over there

    • thx for the comment!
      he doesn´t make a release post for Ookami so just comment on his latest post, if you include the word “Ookami” in the comment then I am sure he will know what you are thanking him for.

      • Ok cool that works, I thought that would be rude, to just randomly drop in on a post for one of his other works that I haven’t even read or know anything about, and just be fan’ly about Ookami in the room.
        I’ll try and remember this time.
        I’ll try.

  2. Thanks a lot for the release! After watching anime I was interested to know more about the story and noticed that your group works on this manga. I am going to follow your work. Thanks again for your hard work!

  3. Really thank you for the post. :))) I knew this work when it was still a chapter only, and I’m glad I held back. :)) Thank you for this wonderful story. ^_^ Keep it up! 😀

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