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hey guys and girls,

thx to AP and Lvxi we are doing Shino-chan. I will be releasing the first 8 chapters now and the remaining chapters should get released today or tomorrow.

just a quick update, I am really busy atm and it won´t change any time soon, so I need some help with cleaning and typesetting, if someone out there has experience and wants to help then please contact us!

Shino-Chan Chapter 1: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 2: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 3: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 4: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 5: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 6: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 7: Link

Shino-Chan Chapter 8: Link




Hinamatsuri chapter 17


here is a new chapter of Hinamatsuri. it took us a bit longer because of RL. I had exams and my PC broke, so I had the fun of installing all the programs again…

we are still recruiting translators, cleaners, typesetters and proofreaders. please apply!

also please thank AP and vis, and please welcome out new staff member mango25!

here is chapter 17 of Hinamatsuri.