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Ookami chapter 9


so I first want to thank zetroshade! (see his comment in Ookami chapter 8 post)

its the first time for me that someone leaves a comment and 1) thanks us for our work + 2) its longer than a sentence and finally the thing I would never thought would be possible 3) tells us that we can take our time with this series because he thinks that we are doing a really good job.

that was really that first time I read a comment like that and I have worked for a lot of groups…

so yes, I think I got my hope in humanity back, thank you zetroshade!

like always please visit roankun, he is the translator for this series, visit his page and leave a comment.

we are still in need of translators, typesetters and cleaner.

so here is chapter 9 of Ookami.

and here is a little present for you guys and girls.






Hi everyone,

we picked up Hinamatsuri. Its all thanks to the translator who lets us use his translation, so I want to thank  Anonymous Preferred very much.

We are in need of translators, typesetters and cleaner, please apply if you are interested!

well here is chapter 1 of Hinamatsuri.




Merry Christmas

ah, its that time of the year. all the shops are closed, its cold outside and if you are lucky its snowing (no, ;( not here) + its quiet outside.

the whole family are sitting together watching TV, talking and eating.

I love this time of year. its just special , oh and we don´t want to forget the PRESENTS!!!

well I get the presents on the 25th, I am sure a lot of you people get it on the 24th.

so what I want to say is merry christmas from noise and me (hero).

and here is a presents to you guys/girls its Ookami 🙂

but first of all plz visit , he is the translator for Ookami, without him we woudn´t be able to bring you Ookami. so visit that site and leave a comment, THX!

here is the chapter 6 of Ookami, I hope I made your day a bit more enjoyable with this release.

also do you guys/girls know what you will be getting this year? plz leave a comment.

Merry Christmas from noise and me (hero).


Shima Shima + we need your help!

so this is our second release *woooot*

so christmas is near, I have bought all the presents that I have to buy just waiting for the 24th. and ofc looking forward for the presents people will give me 😉

what about you guys/girls, have you already bought all presents that you need to buy? are you also excited for christmas?

So yes, we picked up Shima Shima, the raws aren´t good, so if anyone of you got good raws or a link to good raws then plz contact us.

also this is a joint with Lemon Tea plz visit their site and leave a comment.

here is chapter 9 of Shima Shima.


First release + first post!

First of all, Noise and me (hero) want to welcome you to our site. I hope you like it!

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Today we are releasing our first release. It´s a joint with roankun, please visit his site and leave a comment.

So here is Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki chapter 5, we hope you will enjoy it, and please leave a comment.

-Noise and hero