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1.What does keydriven mean?

So how did our name come about. Well how does any name come into being. We brainstormed for

a long time (ages, AGES I tell you!). But eventually I came into the thought from looking at my

keys on my desk. That I wanted to have keys in the title. I thought about what keys were for and

about how they unlock things. Now key alone coudn´t be the name of the group, so after snownoise

had the idea with key, I looked into a dictionary and found the word, key driven.  So basically

the name means that we have the keys to certain manga and are unlocking them for you the

readers. We are exploring the locked doors that we have before us! That’s all for now folks.

2.What is keydriven?

We are a scanlation group for manga/manhwa/webcomics. Our first release was on november 27

3.When will the next chapter of X project come out?
When it´s done!

4.How can I contact you?

You can contact us by sending us an e-mail at
You can also PM me on batoto, my username on batoto is hero.

5.Where can I download your release?

Either on the release post or click on projects and then click the project you want to download a chapter

from, and there should be a download link to all the chapters we released.

6.Can I join your scanlation group?
Yes, please do! Just go to our Recruitment page and see the details (hope we see you soon).

7.Download link is broken.
If a download link should be down, then please write us an e-mail at Please include in

the e-mail which download link is broken (like the name of the series and the chapters number, thanks!).

8.Do you accept joints?
It depends on the project. Just send us an e-mail at and don´t forget to tell us what

project it is.

9.Can our group rescanlate your releases into another language?
Yes you can but please send us an e-mail at before doing it. Also include our credit page

in the release.

10.Do you scanlate licensed mangas?
No, we won´t scanlate licensed manga.

11.What type of manga do you scan?
We don´t have a type of manga we scan, as long as we enjoy reading it we will scan it.

12.I got something that hasn’t been answered yet.
Then please e-mail us your question at


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