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You have to translate from Japanese/Korean to English. It´s ok if you do some spelling or grammar mistakes, the proofreader will correct them.


You need to be very good at English. You will have to catch the spelling and grammar mistakes that the translator makes. It would also be very could if you can find any missing translation.


Cleans cleans cleans, well it’s pretty simple. Clean the text out, and make the picture look nice and clean.

Any questions send and email to :

Want the test? email


Your job is to put the text into the bubble/background. We will give you the text and the raws so that you will know where to put the SFX or floating text.



7 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. I want to try cleaning but I have no experience with it or my Photoshop, would you be willing to train?

    • when i say no experience, I’m just saying i don’t know the more complicated tools. i can crop, and erase, but anything other than that and id need someone who can give me some instructions on how to do it. I really want to help a group out, and i like this one because of the small group, and mangas your scanning, so please consider letting me help \O.O/

  2. I can be a proof reader :3 I live in the US and my English is pretty good. (In the summer, I may be able to be a cleaner or typesetter because I’ll have more time. Right now… I’m freaking out over my grades ( ̄▽ ̄;)) I would be happy to help you guys (≧ ∇ ≦)

  3. Hello, I am thinking that maybe i can help you all.
    I am a fluent Japanese speaker/writer, but i honestly think I will take way too long translating considering that i will be in collage soon, so the best i can do is proofread in that field.

    On the other hand, since i will be studying graphic arts in collage, i can do cleaning or typesetter.

    What do you think?

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